Resistance Band Speed & Power Work

Glute Work; Training Day

The first exercise is excellent for targeting the glutes.

My suggestions:

•use a barbell (not smith machine) as it requires utilization of more muscles

•stand with feet further apart than normal (outside shoulder width) with feet turned out

•get deep into squat with weight on heels •when exploding back up, make sure to fully engage glutes

•change hand positioning (right vs left hand in front) with every set

How do I train?

I train for performance, not for any other reason at this point in my life.  My weight training solely consists of compound movements and/or supersetting lower body exercises with upper body (shown in video).

Train strong, my friends!

Healthy Breakfast with ZERO Preparation Time



If you are looking for a healthy breakfast at your absolute EASIEST convenience, THIS would be it!

Protein Cinnamon Granola Clusters (also great for kids)
A Pre-Made Protein Shake (Fill with liquid, shake, and go)

Both of these items are made by About Time. For those of you unfamiliar with About Time, they are an all-natural supplement company. About Time has my full allegiance.

EVERY product they offer is nothing but top-quality. You can get the granola and protein bottle shake at They also offer other great products like fruit and nut bars. For those interested, feel free to use my coupon code: BrittATProtein for 25% off your entire order.

No more excuses. Eating a healthy breakfast is ALWAYS possible!


Cheesy Egg and Guacamole Breakfast Wrap

photo (6)

What’s for breakfast?!!?

The thought of boring breakfast doesn’t appeal to anyone! Time to mix it up. I like to get in a healthy combo of fats, proteins, and carbs for every meal.

Here is my Cheesy Egg White and Guacamole Wrap:
(Protein: Eggs, Carbs: Wrap, Fats: Guacamole (and cheese depending on kind used)

-Take Tortilla of Choice (look for whole grain or whole wheat)
and toast
-Cook up egg whites or regular eggs (I used egg white beater subs) in frying pan, omelet style
-Once eggs almost fully cooked, sprinkle cheese of choice into pan (I used low fat cheddar)
-While eggs are cooking, spread guacamole on toasted wrap (I use Wholly Guacamole brand)
-Add cheesy egg whites (or eggs) on to wrap
-Add additional spices of choice (I used salt and pepper)
-Wrap it all up

Aesthetics on Fire INTERVIEW


Had the absolute privilege of doing an interview for Aesthetics on Fire, a website dedicated to motivating and inspiring others to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In addition to my interview, there are tons of other awesome athlete/fitness professional interviews, covering personal struggles, lifestyle habits, training regimens, nutrition, etc. It could certainly aid as a valuable resource for those interested.

Find interview @!brittanytegeler/c1w5u

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