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“Inspiring the next generation of FIT”

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What is FIT Parent FIT Kid?

FPFK is specifically designed to give parents the education that they need to create an environment in the home that promotes a healthy lifestyle. It is no secret that children are tremendously influenced by the environment that they are surrounded by; parents are largely responsible for creating this environment.  All children deserve to be healthy, happy, and fit, so as parents, let’s do our part to give them that opportunity before it’s too late. Join the FIT Parent FIT Kid movement.

What was my motive for creating FIT Parent FIT Kid?

Growing up, I became obsessed with sports, particularly soccer, at a very young age. Although my parents were not sticklers for healthy eating, they told me I always preferred the healthier option. Even when I was in middle school, I chose to eat the turkey sandwich with fruit before the big game instead of opting for McDonald’s like most of my friends. At that age, I didn’t have any nutrition education under my belt; I simply ate based on feeling. I felt lighter, faster, more energetic when I ate healthy. I guess you could say, I was very much so an intuitive kid.

Currently, with years of nutrition education, I now truly understand the importance of healthy eating. Yes, I still eat healthy because it makes me feel good, but now I understand the scientific reasoning behind it all.

I have spent much of the last few years coaching youth athletes and one thing is for certain, nutrition highly affects the young athlete. For the most part, I am able to figure out pretty early on which children come from a healthy home and which ones do not. If we can give children the right food for their body, they are bound to excel on not only the sports field, but in the classroom and in every day life.

Every child deserves the opportunity to feel their best. FIT Parent FIT Kid is specifically designed to give parents the resources they need to provide their children with this opportunity.

Not a parent?

You don’t have to be a parent to find value in this book. If you hope to influence children in a positive way, then this book is for you! Mentors, role models, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, trainers, coaches, you name it!

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FIT Parent FIT Kid, Nutrition Edition E-Book


  • Sample Grocery Store List
  • How to Shop Healthy on a Budget
  • Nutrition for the Youth Athlete
  • Managing Picky Eaters
  • Smart Fast Food Choices
  • Time Management for the Parent “on-the-go”

And MUCH, MUCH more………..


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