No rocket science. Simple steps to get healthy.

I want to clarify, that fiber is not a nutrient.  After re-watching the video, I made it seem as if it were.

My suggestion would be to get in AT THE VERY LEAST 20g of fiber/day and for most people, more.  Fiber is very helpful for bowel movement, digestion, lowering cholesterol, and blood sugar control, amongst many other things.

Cheat Days and Cheat Meals

It’s Okay to be Proud!

photo (71)

Yeah, I get it, worst kind of selfie, BUT, let me tell you something. Nothing is wrong with being proud once in a while. Million dollar question: proud of what? Well, not what immediately meets the eye.

I’m proud that my body has transformed in the way it has as a BY-PRODUCT of living, breathing, loving, and simply enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I’m proud that I have taught myself to thrive off of and crave healthy foods. I’m proud that I’ve taken the time to teach myself, through lots of trial-and-error, to cook and bake healthy, delicious meals and treats.

I’m proud that I LOVE getting up at 4AM in the morning, every morning, to train (and train hard and effectively).

I’m proud that my body looks strong every day, not just before a fitness show or for some other aesthetic reason. I’m proud that I can maintain the physique I like, without a goal, by just living the only way I know how.

I’m proud that I diligently practice what I preach. Every, single day. I’m even more proud that I genuinely enjoy nothing more than sharing my practices, experiences, and knowledge with others (and not as a job/obligation/career, as a voluntary passion and hobby).

I’m proud that I have found equilibrium, balance. I can indulge, drink alcohol, party with friends and ENJOY it.

It’s okay to be proud. We all deserve it. Take the time to think about why you’re proud of YOURSELF. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has so many things to be proud of. Embrace your uniqueness, your creativity, your strengths. You’re one of a kind. Happy Friday, guys!! Happy Easter weekend!!! I guess that’s my little sermon to you all :)

Easy Meal Planning for the Busy Work Week

The EASIEST way to eat healthy during the week is to prepare food ahead of time. I realize taking a couple hours out of your Saturday or Sunday to prepare may not be ideal, but it certainly is worth it once the busy work week hits.

photo (69)

Here is how I go about preparing for the week:

1) I cook all proteins because these are the most time-consuming. I switch it up every week. Pictured: grilled chicken and 96% fat free ground beef. I also made hard-boiled eggs (bake in oven for 30 minutes @ 350F). I always have cans of tuna and egg whites on hand as well.

2) Make salads. I pre-make salads, that way I can grab my chicken and throw it in the salad (and sometimes throw it all in a whole wheat wrap) for a healthy meal that takes less than 30 seconds to put together. Salads pictured: Summer Salad (fresh spinach leaves, sliced almonds, fat free feta, chopped strawberries), Cobb Salad (greens, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, onion, cheese, turkey bacon), Broccoli Salad Casserole (broccoli, turkey bacon, fat free feta, apple cider vinegar, plain/fat free greek yogurt, splenda, salt, pepper).

3) I chop up fresh veggies and also use steamables. Throwing a bag of vegetables in the microwave may not be ideal, but it’s easy, convenient, and cheap. Pictured: Steamed peas and broccoli.

4) Cook whole grains. Pictured: Quinoa. I usually make some brown rice as well.

5) Other items I keep stocked that are easy for grab-and-go: fresh fruit, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, rice cakes, natural peanut butter, powdered peanut butter, nuts, beans, oats, puffed rice/wheat cereal, cream of wheat, protein bars, protein powder, potatoes (white & sweet), whole wheat wraps.

Once you get the hang of it, all you should need is 45 minutes-1 hour to get all your food together for the week. The best “diet” for you is one that is not only healthy and nutritious for the body, but one that is manageable and convenient. Find YOUR way!

Friday Accountability- Daily Workouts/Eats


Well, here you have it: my results from “Accountability Week.”

photo (64)

  I thought I needed to do better, so that is exactly what I did.  Needless to say, I woke up feeling really good today!

 It was all about the little things for me this week- more sleep, more intense workouts, more water.  Little changes can yield big results; I always say that. People get overwhelmed when they think about a complete diet/exercise change…an overhaul. I say, one step at a time. Take it slow. No need for throwing the body into overdrive all at once.


1/4 Double Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar

1/4 Cookies and Cream Quest Bar

Brewed Coffee with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Splenda, and Sugar Free Caramel Syrup


I used to be pretty consistent with pre-planning my workouts.  Sometimes I would wake up in the morning and not necessarily feel like doing the workout that I had laid out.  I used to procrastinate a while, then I would do it.  I have changed my whole mindset.  I am one of the fortunate ones who truly enjoys working out every morning, but I never know what type of workout I am going to feel like doing.  My point here is, if you don’t feel like doing the workout you intended to do, don’t let it stop you from working out all together!  Simply pick another enjoyable activity of choice and get moving!  Who cares if you don’t go along with schedule?  Unless you are one of the very few on a specific periodization plan, then there is no reason not to have the freedom to exercise as you please.

I had a great workout today; lots of lifting included!  Honestly, there was no plan for this workout; I made it up as I went along.  For the most part, I did lower and upper body superset circuits.  Some of the exercises included:

Tricep Pushups

Tricep Extensions (with barbell behind body)

Barbell Bicep Curls

Barbell Shoulder Press (behind and in front of the head)

Front Squats

Back Squats

Resistance Band Glute/Hip Bridges

Back Extensions

Stability Ball Hamstring Rollouts

Stability Ball Double & Single-Leg Glute/Hip Bridges

Stability Ball Prone Leg Raises

Barbell Calf Raises


(Same as lunch the last 2 days)

4 Oz Grilled Chicken

1/2 C Cooked Quinoa

1/3 C Peas

photo (55)

When I got to work, I had a piece of my healthy Sprinkles Cake with Sweet Cream Cheese Frosting with Coffee :)

  Sprinkles Cake

If you want this recipe, you can find it in “Sweet Treats:Guilt-Free” E-Book located in the store section ( .  My healthy dessert creations are honestly a God-Sent.  They have allowed me to enjoy my sweets, while still maintaining my fitness goals.  I say this over and over again, but it’s 100% true.  I no longer have urges to indulge in all the sugar-laden desserts and ice creams, because honestly, this stuff is JUST as good.  Almost too good to be true.


I had a business lunch at an an Italian Bistro.

Salad: Greens, Onions, Cheese, Olives, Peppers, Shrimp, Balsamic Vinaigrette

photo (63)

Quest Bars:

Then, I came home to THIS on my door step.

photo (65)

Wow!!!  These were sent as a gift from the creator of Quest.  I was in ALL of my glory.

This is what I posted on instagram (@BrittanyTegelerFit) about my feelings on this little package:

Sometimes I seriously sit back and wonder how I deserve so many good things in my life. I certainly try to be a good person every day, but there are a ton of great people in this world that never get half of what they deserve. I certainly think my greatest lesson in life has been to stay positive ALWAYS. Be kind to EVERYONE. Surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting, inspirational, enthusiastic, and passionate people WILL change your life. On that note, thank you @questcreator for such a thoughtful gift. It really means SOOO much to me. It’s no surprise that my 2 favorite supplement companies@tryabouttime & @questnutrition have the most genuine people behind them. It’s one thing to like products from a company, it’s another thing, to want to willingly and whole-heartedly support and promote them because you believe in the company as a WHOLE, beyond just the products. Great products only come from great people. Proof.


I finished the rest of my salad from lunch.  It was enough to feed 5 people.

Workout #2:

This workout was very similar to my first one; it was just a random assortment of all kinds of exercises:


Resistance Band Glute Kick-Backs & Side-to-Sides

Prone Stability Ball Leg Raises

Jump Squats

Jumping Jacks

Split Jerk

Stability Ball Sit-Ups

photo (66)

Im a sucker for new workout clothes!  The bolder, the better!  Something about fresh gear makes a training session better.  Hey, if you’re ever low on motivation, go pick up some gear that makes you feel good, may just do the trick!


5 Oz Grilled Chicken


Bedtime Snack:

Rice Cake with Powdered Peanut Butter

Dark Chocolate

Unsweetened Almond Milk

image (27)image (26)



This is another recipe that can be found in “Sweet Treats: Guilt-Free” E-Book.  I don’t think I need to say much about this one; it tastes as good as it looks!!


Success!!  I drank more water today too.  Posting about my daily workouts/eats all week was a ton of fun.  I am glad I got to share this with all of you.  It was the PERFECT way to hold myself accountable.  Something about sharing your day-to-day out loud encourages you to do better.  I wish I could do this every week, but quite frankly, this was seriously time-consuming.

Hope you enjoyed it!  If you have any questions at all that are health, fitness, or wellness related, feel free to contact me via the Contact section.

Have a great weekend!!!

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