Cheesy Egg and Guacamole Breakfast Wrap

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What’s for breakfast?!!?

The thought of boring breakfast doesn’t appeal to anyone! Time to mix it up. I like to get in a healthy combo of fats, proteins, and carbs for every meal.

Here is my Cheesy Egg White and Guacamole Wrap:
(Protein: Eggs, Carbs: Wrap, Fats: Guacamole (and cheese depending on kind used)

-Take Tortilla of Choice (look for whole grain or whole wheat)
and toast
-Cook up egg whites or regular eggs (I used egg white beater subs) in frying pan, omelet style
-Once eggs almost fully cooked, sprinkle cheese of choice into pan (I used low fat cheddar)
-While eggs are cooking, spread guacamole on toasted wrap (I use Wholly Guacamole brand)
-Add cheesy egg whites (or eggs) on to wrap
-Add additional spices of choice (I used salt and pepper)
-Wrap it all up

Tasty, Healthy Meal Ideas



As you all know by now, I am the biggest advocate of adding variety to the “diet.” No one wants to eat the same boring foods over and over and over again. I REFUSE to do that. Enjoying what we are eating and achieving the results we desire can certainly go hand-in-hand.

Check out some fresh ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:


1 Whole Wheat English Muffin topped with:

Cheese (I used Low Fat Mozzarella), Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, Low Fat Turkey Pepperoni, Salt,Pepper, Ketchup


Wrap of choice

Egg Whites

Tuna Salad

Chopped Celery

Sauce of Choice (I used a little bit of BBQ)


Whole Wheat Bread

Lean Beef Patty

Guacamole (I used Wholly brand)

Butternut Squash Tots (Bake cubed squash at 350 for about 1 hour or until crispy.  I add splenda (or stevia), salt, and cinnamon for that sweet and salty taste).



Switching up the AM Coffee & Adding a Punch of Protein

I switched it up this morning; instead of putting my usual unsweetened almond milk in my morning coffee, I used pasteurized egg whites. Although not as creamy as almond milk, I really liked it! It sure beats black coffee and packs a punch of extra protein.

Oh and don’t worry, the egg whites add zero additional taste to the coffee!

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Preparing Food for the Week

I have posted about my Sunday bulk cooking ritual before ( you can find it several posts back).  Every Sunday I cook food for the rest of the week.  It saves me a ton of time and effort during the busy work week.  I always have a healthy option on hand that I can grab on-the-go.  I switch it up every week because no one likes to eat the same thing every day!  Here’s a small look into yesterday’s Food Prep Sunday:

Steamed peas and green beans (steamables), 96% lean ground beef patties, pureed cauliflower (faux mashed potatoes), cole slaw (I mixed cole slaw mix with a tiny bit of  low-fat mayo, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and splenda), tuna salad (tuna packed in water, a small amount of low-fat mayo, chopped celery, salt, pepper splenda),and  chopped celery sticks.

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I cooked a batch of chicken with different spices.  I then cooked a separate batch of coconut lime chicken.

Directions for coconut lime chicken: Cut 10 oz chicken into cubes, coat cubes with 2 Tbs coconut flour and 2 Tbs unsweetened shredded coconut, place in pan with 2 tsp coconut oil.  After golden brown, squeeze lime juice (or use bottled lime juice) on top, cook 1 more minute.

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I ALWAYS make some healthy desserts too to keep my sweet tooth in tact!  I made my Nutty Banana Bread recipe this week.  SO delicious and guilt-free :)  I also made a batch of fudgey brownies, but unfortunately forgot to snap a picture.  I have said it once and I will say it a million more times: ;earning to bake all of these healthy recipes has been a savior!  I can satisfy my sweet tooth, especially when cravings hit at night, without compromising my “diet.”  Can’t beat that.  If you want to add healthy desserts to your weekly meal preparation, check out “Sweet Treats: Guilt-Free.”  The E-book is comprised of 22 healthy dessert recipes I created.  These are my FAVORITE recipes that I tested and re-tested to make sure they were absolutely perfect.  Easy to make, low in calories, and nutrient dense.

Book for purchase for only $4.99 :  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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I also whipped up a few other things that are not pictured; one of my favorites being butternut squash.  I bake cubed butternut squash in the oven and it tastes just like sweet potato tots. Yum!

Happy, Healthy, Fit.



Protein Frozen Yogurt

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for SOFT SERVE!!!!!

This has become my new favorite dessert…and breakfast at times too :)

This is what many will refer to as “PROYO” or “PRO-FROYO.” In other words, it is Protein Frozen Yogurt.

This recipe makes a BIG bowl of icecream. You could make half the recipe and still have plenty, but there is no such thing as too much icecream!


6 oz Plain, Fat-Free Greek Yogurt (I use the 100-calorie pack)
1 C Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 Scoop Protein Powder
1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum (I don’t believe this is necessary, however, this adds a ton of volume to the ice cream, as it is a thickener)
1 C Crushed Ice 
Sweetener to taste


Blend ingredients together
Pour in BIG bowl
Freeze for about 15 minutes
Add toppings

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