Resistance Band Speed & Power Work

Glute Work; Training Day

The first exercise is excellent for targeting the glutes.

My suggestions:

•use a barbell (not smith machine) as it requires utilization of more muscles

•stand with feet further apart than normal (outside shoulder width) with feet turned out

•get deep into squat with weight on heels •when exploding back up, make sure to fully engage glutes

•change hand positioning (right vs left hand in front) with every set

How do I train?

I train for performance, not for any other reason at this point in my life.  My weight training solely consists of compound movements and/or supersetting lower body exercises with upper body (shown in video).

Train strong, my friends!

Redefining Healthy & Optimal Living

Interestingly enough, I haven’t belonged to a gym in almost 4 months.  I love unconventional training and working with whatever elements I can find.  Nothing beats taking advantage of the outdoors to get fit.

Well-being isn’t just about using weights, running on a treadmill, and eating fruits & vegetables.  Well-being and optimal living are about finding what makes us happy socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  Doing what you enjoy adds value to your life; THAT is what healthy living is all about.

It’s about time we change our mindset on what healthy living REALLY means.  So go ahead and do yourself a favor; find YOUR happy.  It may be crazy, unique, different- that’s the absolute beauty in it.  There are no rules, no boundaries.  Own it and live optimally.


Single Leg Challenge

Single-leg work is the ticket to speed, power, and strength. As an athlete or someone who simply wants to live well, this is one of many excellent single leg exercises. We rarely do anything balanced on both legs, so why train like that?

This exercise is definitely more challenging than it may appear and is probably not going to be for everyone. It is certainly a good way to challenge yourself. If working off one leg is too difficult initially, try working off both legs.

Be sure to keep a nice and controlled motion going up and down.


Cardio Killer

It looks like I am trying to attempt some sort of Irish jig here.  I can assure you, this is NOT the case!  This, my friends, is an example of easy and effective home cardio.  No large space nor equipment necessary.  Time to get jiggy wit’ it…no pun intended :)


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